What budget to start on Sorare ?


How much to invest on Sorare ?

The budget needed to start playing on Sorare is specific to each one. Indeed, it depends on the strategy you want to adopt on Sorare (buying and selling, participating in leagues). Start by asking yourself how much you are willing to invest.

What is the Sorare budget for playing Limited?

Limited cards are the lowest value Sorare card types. They are therefore the most accessible for coaches who are just starting out. To participate in Limited leagues and hope to earn Sorare rewards, we recommend a budget of about $500.

With this budget you probably won’t be able to compete for the top spots, but you can start to earn some interesting rewards.

If you are not able to invest such a large amount of money from the start, you can start with a smaller budget ($100, $200) and concentrate on buying and selling. This will allow you, if well done, to increase your budget and therefore to be able to buy better players in the future.

What is the Sorare budget for playing Rare?

Rare cards are the second lowest value card type. Compared to Limited, they still cost 10 times more on average.

One strategy with rare cards is to play thresholds. Thresholds are a minimum score that must be achieved in order to receive a reward. They are only available with Rare cards.

At this time, there are 2 of them:

  • When the cumulative score of your 5 players reaches 205 points: you get 0.01 ETH
  • When the same score reaches 250 points: you get 0.02 ETH

Please note that the two thresholds are not added to each other, you can’t cumulate them.

To play these thresholds, you will need a minimum of 1100€ while looking for bargains. This includes the purchase of 5 starters + 2 players that can be used when one of your starters is injured or suspended.

More than half of this budget will be used to buy a goalkeeper. Indeed, goalkeepers are very expensive on Sorare.

In the past it was possible to use a Common goalkeeper in a Rare team, but this has now changed. Nowadays, it is mandatory to have 5 rare cards to play the thresholds.

Conclusion on the budget to invest on Sorare

As you can see, almost everything is possible on Sorare. The real question should be: how much am I willing to invest without it affecting me if the ETH price drops.

Once this question is answered, we advise you to invest as much as you can in order to grow quickly and have more room to maneuver.

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