How to buy Sorare cards?


Buying Sorare cards: two options

  1. Buy cards on the primary market (put on sale by Sorare)
  2. Buy cards on the secondary market (put on sale by other Sorare managers)

Buy a Sorare card on the primary market

Sorare offers a lot of cards for sale every day, whether they are Limited, Rare, Super Rare or unique. Buying on the auction is interesting as players will usually pay less than on the secondary market. It is also a way to get a free card after 5 successful auctions, if you have gone through a referral link.

On the other hand, buying a player at auction will get you a player with only 5% XP. It’s up to you if the player’s experience is important to you or not.

Before you buy a card on the primary market, make sure that it is not available for less on the secondary market!

Buying a Sorare card on the secondary market

On the secondary market, you will find all the cards put up for sale by other coaches like yourself. They are the ones who decide on the price of the cards for sale. Please note that it is not possible to sell a card at auction on the secondary market.

The cards offered by other community members may have an XP level different from 5%. Therefore, if you want to buy a player to use in your GWs, it is probably best to buy a player who already has XP. The XP will help you to get more points in leagues, which is not negligible.

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