What is Sorare?


Sorare is a French start-up that has raised 680 million dollars. The Sorare game is a mix of fantasy football (and baseball) and NFT soccer card collecting.

On this page, we will focus on football as it is the sport that interests most of us.

Sorare can be summarised in two points:

  • A fantasy soccer game
  • A platform for collecting NFTs of soccer players (like the ancestor Panini).

A side note on NFTs: NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are unique digital assets that rely on a protocol called Blockchain. It is this blockchain that guarantees their uniqueness and allows their holders to exchange them. In other words, they are digital collectibles for which you have a certificate of ownership and authenticity.

What is the purpose of Sorare?

The purpose of Sorare depends on what each player is looking for. We can distinguish 3 different goals:

  • To win money
  • To have fun while playing the game
  • To collect cards of your favourite football players

Of course, these goals are cumulative, and many players want to achieve all three. On this site, I mainly give you tips on how to make money on Sorare.

How does Sorare work?

Whatever your goal is on Sorare, you will need to obtain cards. These digital cards will allow you to :

  • Create a team and thus participate in matches (we talk about Game Weeks). In this case, you will need a minimum of 5 cards with at least one from each position.
  • Collect cards from your favourite players and make them more valuable over time.

Managers/players will therefore want to get the cards with the highest scoring to have the best chance of getting rewards.

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Sorare cards can be used for specific divisions and leagues.

Sorare card scarcities, divisions and leagues

On Sorare there are 5 different card scarcities:

  • Common, which allows you to participate in Casual, Academy and Underdog leagues (1 card allowed)
  • The Limited, which gives access to all the leagues of the Limited division
  • The rares, for the rare leagues
  • Super Rares, for super rare leagues
  • Uniques, to play the unique competitions

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There are currently 10 different leagues. Note that some leagues are divided by scarcity (for example, there is an All-Star league by scarcity). Here are all the leagues:

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Sorare awards

  • Money (in ETH) + one card among the best for the podium of each league
  • A card for the rest of the managers who reached the paid places (about 10% of the registered players)

Of course, the highest ranked players will have more prestigious cards than the lower ranked players. Sorare works with a Tiers system (T0, T1, T2, T3) where T0 is made up of the very best cards. Tier 3 is made up of low value cards.

It is important to note that the game evolves as players gain XP. The more XP your players have, the more points they score in matches, and the more rewards you have.

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What is the Sorare crypto?

Sorare does not have its own crypto-currency. Instead, the game is based on both Euro/Pound/Dollar and Ether (ETH), the Ethereum network currency.

Can I play Sorare without having any crypto-currencies?

Yes, it is possible to start playing Sorare without ever having owned any crypto-currencies. The will of Nicolas Julia, co-founder of Sorare, has always been to integrate the largest number of players on his platform. He therefore wants to make the integration of new players as easy as possible.

It is therefore very simple and fast to start playing at Sorare by depositing dollars or pounds. Find out how to deposit money at Sorare.

Now you know what Sorare is! Do you want to take your first steps and avoid the main mistakes? We invite you to discover our article explaining how to start playing at Sorare.