Which players to buy on Sorare?


What kind of players to buy on Sorare ?

The players to buy are players who are often starters, who play a lot of leagues and who have a big score. Let’s see in more detail what kind of players are interesting to buy to build a competitive team.

Buying starting players who play several leagues

On Sorare, leagues are played every 3 days! Indeed, there are two Game Weeks (GW) per week, which can allow you to line up your players twice a week.

But you need to have players who can be aligned in these two GW! If the even numbered GWs (of the WE) are mainly based on league matches, the odd numbered GWs often correspond to European matches (Champions League, Europa League, Europa Conference League) or to international matches.

As you can see, in order to participate in as many GW as possible, you need a player who is a starter for his club, who plays in Europe and who is a starter for his international team. Of course, these are often quite expensive players, so they will suit those who have a good initial budget and want to have a competitive team quickly.

Buy players with high scoring and who can increase in value

If you can’t necessarily invest in top players right away, we advise you to mix buying and selling players with leagues.

In fact, there is nothing to stop you from buying players that you want to sell later, and using them in your GWs while waiting to sell them. By following this strategy, you will start with lesser-known players who may allow you to earn your first rewards!

As your players become more valuable, you will be able to sell them to buy other promising players. After a few months, your team will be completely transformed and you can expect to earn better rewards.

Buy cards of the same scarcity and league

With 5 different types of cards and 11 different leagues, it’s easy to get confused when buying cards! When you are starting out, we advise you to buy players from the same league (e.g. Champion Europe, Challenger Europe, America) in order to build the best team possible. By concentrating on players from the same league, you will be able to get good players at each position more easily.

If you are in a buying and selling mindset, you can complete your team with promising players from any league, the goal being to make a capital gain when reselling.

Now you have all the keys to choose your players. Don’t hesitate to use Soraredata to help you find your top players!

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