How to make money on Sorare ?


What strategy to adopt on Sorare to make money?

After reading our article “What is Sorare“, you are probably wondering what is the best strategy to adopt to make money. On this page, we’ll help you to see more clearly so that you can make the best choices from the start!

Make money on Sorare by participating in leagues

The first method is to play the game fully by building a team and participating in Sorare leagues. In order to have a competitive team and hope to win its first rewards, you will probably have to invest several hundred dollars. Indeed, you will need a goalkeeper, a defender, a midfielder, a striker and an extra player to make up your 5.

These players should ideally be regular and play as many leagues as possible. As you can imagine, these players are the most sought after and, by necessity, the most expensive. To help you, you can use the player statistics on Soraredata. This site requires you to register with Sorare beforehand, since the login details will be the same as those you use for Sorare. Once registered, you will be able to consult the “Scout > Player Rankings” section where you will find the top scorers for each position.

It is up to you to choose which players to buy on Sorare according to your budget.

We advise you to read our article on how to buy players and how to participate in the leagues.

Make money on Sorare by buying and selling cards

Another successful strategy is buying and selling. As the name suggests, this involves buying players at a good price, and selling them at a high price, making a profit. We invite you to read our article on the 10 effective Sorare buying and selling techniques.

Making money on Sorare by buying and selling is possible and accessible to everyone. But to do so, you’ll need to understand how the game works, and be on the lookout for good opportunities. It’s also a strategy that may take you some time.

What is the best strategy to make money on Sorare?

As we have seen, you can make money on Sorare by participating in leagues and/or using buying and selling techniques. But which one should you choose? If you have a big budget, don’t hesitate to treat yourself by buying powerful players who can score. If you have a very small budget ($150/200), you should probably start with purchase/resale operations.

Better yet, we recommend combining the two! The goal is to find players who are performing well, and who have a great chance to increase in value in the next few days or weeks. In this case, you will use your players during the Game Weeks, and you will sell them to buy other players of the same type for the next leagues.

In general, you should not hesitate to sell your players when their price has risen, even if you have a small shortfall sometimes. Prices can go up and down quickly, and you will certainly be frustrated that you didn’t cash in when you could have!

It’s up to you!