Understanding Sorare Scoring


Now that you understand how Sorare works, you will certainly want to familiarize yourself with the specifics of the game. Indeed, it is this knowledge of the details that will help you get the best possible results. Find out right away how scoring works on Sorare.

How are Sorare players evaluated?

On Sorare, players are rated according to two types of scores:

The decisive score on Sorare

It is the first score to be taken into account for your players. The decisive score depends both on the status of the player (starter / substitute) and on his performance in the match.

A starting player always starts a match with a score of 35, which is the basis of his decisive score. A substitute player starts with a score of 25.

This score of 35 or 25 tends to change depending on the player’s performance. If a player is decisive once, his score increases to 60 instead of 35.

If he is decisive a second time, his score increases to 80. If he manages to be decisive a third and fourth time, he will have a decisive score of 90 or 100 respectively.

Please note that the decisive score may decrease if your player makes a mistake. Instead of 35, a starting player will have 15. If he had been decisive once (60), he will be down to 35 after his mistake.

What are the decisive actions per position?

Goalkeeper: a clean sheet, an assist or a goal

He gets his decisive score from the 60th minute if he didn’t take a goal. Be careful, if he takes a goal between the 60th and the end of the game, his decisive score goes down to 35.

If the goalkeeper takes 3 goals in a match, takes a red card, scores against his own side or causes a penalty, his decisive score decreases.

Defenders, midfielders and forwards: one goal, one assist, one save on the line

If these players cause a penalty, get sent off or score an own goal, their decisive score decreases.

All-Around (AA) scoring on Sorare

AA is the second type of scoring on Sorare. In contrast to the decisive score, the AA depends on a multitude of actions that the players will perform.

It is for example duels won, interceptions, tackles, successful passes, etc. All-around scoring is based on statistics collected from the partner Opta.

Find out more in our article about Opta scoring.

It is important to understand that this all-around score is added to (or removed from) the decisive score.

Indeed, a player who has been decisive once (60) and who also has an all-around score of 25 will have a final score of 85.

This AA score can be negative if your player loses many duels or misses a lot of passes. On the other hand, it cannot cause a player who was decisive to lose points.

Example 1: My player has a decisive score of 60 and an AA score of -5, his final score will be 60.

Example 2: My player has a decisive score of 35 (as a starter) and an AA score of -5, his final score will be 30.

The All-Around score according to the positions

Goalkeeper: when he makes saves or goes out of his area to anticipate a deep pass for example

Defender: When his team makes a clean sheet, he earns 10 points of AA! Otherwise, the most valued stats are interceptions, duels won and tackles. The 3 stats combined can give life to a double double, triple double or triple triple triple, which rewards players who manage to have at least two occurrences in each of the stats mentioned (for the double double).

Midfielders and strikers: Successful passes, successful passes in the last 1/3 of the field, entries into the box, hits on target or key passes.

Sorare scores: a good decisive score + a good AA = a very good final score

As you can see, the two scores are cumulative and allow your players to get high marks when they manage to combine the two.

For a buy/sell or league strategy, you will look for goalkeepers and defenders who concede few goals, midfielders who have a good AA and who are sometimes decisive. Indeed, the all-around value can increase the price of a player as he will be more likely to have good grades regularly.

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