What is Captain Sorare?


Captain Sorare is a free Sorare sidegame. The basic principle is to choose a captain from your roster, and 10 other players you want. Captain Sorare requires to have a Sorare account since the captain must be part of your cards.

Login to Captain Sorare

Logging in to Captain Sorare is very simple. Click on “Login” in the upper right corner and choose to log in using your Sorare account. Once this is done, your Sorare and Captain Sorare accounts will be linked. You will then be able to easily select the cards of your roster.

Captain Sorare in 4 steps

To play Captain Sorare, here are the 4 steps to follow:

1. Choose a Game Room on Captain Sorare

Explore the game rooms and choose the one you want to play in. In general, there are :

  • Training” Game Rooms based on captains of a common scarcity
  • Game Rooms based on a specific division (Challenger, European Champion, MLS…) for which you will have to choose a captain from this division

2. Choose your captain on Captain Sorare

How to choose your captain? Choose a player who gets good scores and whose price is high.

3. Line up your Captain Sorare team

To line up your team, you will have to choose 11 players in total:

  • 1 Captain that you choose from your Sorare cards
  • 10 other players that you don’t need to have on Sorare

You have an envelope of X millions to build your team. You will have to choose your players within this budget. Of course, the better a player is, the higher his price is. That’s why it’s important to choose an expensive player as captain.

4. The Captain Sorare league starts

You will be facing other Sorare coaches who have decided to play in the same game room as you. All you have to do is follow the results of your players!

Can I win rewards on Captain Sorare?

Of course, otherwise it’s no fun!

Each game room has rewards that are shared between the best managers. The rewards depend on the room you are registered in. Some will reward you with “Captain Coins”, while others will reward you with Sorare cards.

You will also get experience points for participating in a league.

What are Captain Coins (CC) for?

Captain Coins, which are the internal token of Captain Sorare, are used to :

  • enter a Game Room
  • buy special bonuses and equipment for your teams
  • future features that are coming to Captain Sorare