Sorare cards


After reading our article “What is Sorare“, you now know that it is a game that works with NFT soccer cards. This article aims to introduce you to the different types of cards that can be found in the fantasy soccer game NFT Sorare.

What are the different types of Sorare cards?

There are 5 different types of Sorare cards: Common, Limited, Rare, Super Rare and Unique. Each card type has a different value and number of editions. Each card scarcity also allows access to specific leagues.

So players are edited into 5 different scarcities. Let’s see them in more detail:

Sorare Common cards

Common cards are white cards. They were originally used to introduce the game by giving managers free cards. They could also be used to complete a Rare team of thresholds (although Common players would suffer a penalty).

Now, with the Casual league, the Top 100 managers earn a reward, which makes Common more interesting. Since the introduction of “The Academy” league, it is possible to mix Common and Limited cards to get interesting rewards.

You should think of the Common leagues as a poker freeroll: free participation, a large number of players, and a very small percentage of managers winning.


Sorare Limited cards

Yellow in color, they were introduced in 2021 as a result of Sorare’s rise to power. Each Limited player can be edited up to 1000 times per edit year. For example, this means that there can be up to 1000 Mbappe in the 2021/2022 season.

So far, this cap has never been reached, and is often limited to around 500.

LTD characteristics:

  • Levels: From 0 to 20
  • Bonus attainable: From 0 to 10%.
  • Gives access to the LTD leagues (all-star championship, european champion, challenger, etc.)
  • Price of a Mbappe Limited : 2 ETH

Sorare Rare cards

This is a red card whose value in euros or ETH is generally ten times higher than a limited card. The edition is 100 cards per player per season maximum.

As of June 2022, an incumbent rare keeper costs at least 0.4 – 0.5 ETH.


  • Levels: From 0 to 20
  • Bonus attainable: 0 – 10%.
  • Gives access to rare leagues including thresholds
  • Price of a Mbappe Rare : 12.5 ETH

Sorare Super Rare cards

The blue Super Rare cards are issued 10 times per year and per player at most. They are therefore much rarer than the others, and obviously much more expensive. Their price is therefore quickly skyrocketing since the supply is far less than the demand.

Characteristics :

  • Levels : From 40 to 60
  • Bonus attainable: from 20 to 30%.
  • Can be lined up in the Rare, Super Rare, or even Unique league (with a malus)
  • Price of a Mbappe SR : 37 ETH

Unique Sorare cards

As their name suggests, the Unique cards, black in color, are issued only once a year per player. Their value on the market is therefore very high. The cards of Haaland and Mbappe have reached several hundred thousand euros.


Allows you to play in the Single League as long as you have at least 3 cards of this scarcity

  • Levels : from 80 to 100
  • Reachable bonus: from 40 to 60%.
  • Price of a Unique Mbappe : 150 ETH

Remember that these soccer cards are above all NFT (non-fungible token), and are therefore owned by the manager who acquired them.

Each card is unique thanks to its year and edition number. The platform is based on ethereum, whose crypto is the ether (or ETH for short).

Buy your first Sorare cards and get one free

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Then, as soon as you have bought 5 players at the auction (Sorare primary market), you will automatically have a card credited to your account.

Find out how to buy Sorare cards as well as the types of players to buy on Sorare. We also encourage you to check out these tips for getting started on Sorare.