Opta Scoring in Detail


What is Opta?

Opta is an English company whose main mission is to provide individual statistics for each player during matches. Its employees have the objective to accurately record the number of successful passes, the number of missed passes, the number of duels won and many other individual statistics for each player.

Sorare having partnered with Opta, the fantasy soccer site relies on the statistics of the English company to set up its scoring. On this page, we would like to describe the different stats followed by Opta and used by Sorare.

Discover them now!

The "General" scoring on Sorare

The General scoring of Sorare is based on the following Opta statistics:

  • Yellow card
  • Fouls
  • Fouled
  • Clean sheet (60+ mins played): No goals conceded (if at least 60 minutes played by the player)
  • Double double: Get two of the following three possibilities:
    • 2 or + successful tackles
    • 2 or more interceptions
    • a ratio of duels won to duels lost of 2 or more
  • Triple Double: Get three of the following three possibilities:
    • 2 or + successful tackles
    • 2 or more interceptions
    • a ratio of duels won to duels lost of 2 or more
  • Triple triple: Get three of the following three possibilities:
    • 3 or more successful tackles
    • 3 or more interceptions
    • a ratio of duels won to duels lost of 3 or more
  • Error led to shot: When a player commits an error, which leads to a goal or a conceded shot.

Goalkeeping Scoring on Sorare

  • Saves: A goalkeeper preventing the ball from entering the goal with any part of his body when facing an intentional attempt by an opposing player.

Saves have the following attributes:

  • Body part: Hands/Feet/Body
  • Type of save: Caught/received/pushed into a safe zone/pushed into a danger zone/fingertip
  • Goalkeeper position: Dive/standing position, etc.
  • Saved shot from inside the box: Shot from inside the box stopped by the goalkeeper
  • Good high claim: Air ball won by the goalie
  • Punches: A high ball that is cleared by the goalkeeper. The goalkeeper must have a clenched fist and attempt to clear the high ball rather than attempt to catch it
  • Diving save: A ball that is stopped by the goalkeeper during a dive.
  • Diving catch: A ball that is caught by the goalkeeper on a dive
  • Cross not claimed: When a goalkeeper steps out of his or her goal line to retrieve a high ball (while attempting to catch it) and misses the ball.
  • GK smother: diving into an attacker’s feet with the ball under control A goalkeeper who goes out and retrieves the ball at the feet of an attacker gets a “smother”. This is similar to a tackle, but the keeper must control the ball for it to be awarded.
  • Keeper sweeper: A keeper sweeper is given whenever a goalkeeper anticipates danger and rushes off his or her line to try to either cut off an offensive pass (in a race with the opposing player) or to stop an opposing player. A keeper sweeper is awarded if:
    • The keeper rushes at least to the edge of his area.
    • There is at least some pressure from the opposing attacker running towards the ball.
    • The goalkeeper reacts quickly and reads the play.

"Defense" Scoring on Sorare

  • Goals conceded
  • Effective clearance: This is a defensive action in which a player sends the ball away from his own goal without a receiver.
  • Won tackle: A tackle is considered won when the tackler or a teammate regains possession of the ball following the tackle, or when the ball goes out of play and is “safe”.
  • Blocked cross
  • Block: When a player blocks an opposing player’s shot on target.

"Possession" Scoring on Sorare

  • Possession lost
  • Possession won
  • Duel lost: For each duel lost, a duel won is given to another player
  • Duel won: For each duel won, a duel lost is awarded to another player
  • Interception: When a player reads an opponent’s pass and intercepts the ball by moving into the line of the intended pass.
  • Accurate pass
  • Accurate final third pass: successful pass in the final third of the field
  • Accurate long balls
  • Long pass into opposition
  • Missed pass

"Attack" Scoring on Sorare

  • Shot on target
  • Won contest
  • Big chance created
  • Attempted assist
  • Penalty area entries: entering the opponent’s penalty area with the ball
  • Penalty kick missed
  • Big chance missed

Now you know everything about Sorare scoring via Opta! The sum of all these scores gives you the all-around score of your player. You want to know more about how Sorare scores players? Read our article on how to understand Sorare scoring.