Sorare NBA


Since its strengthened partnership with the MLS (Major League Soccer), Sorare has announced that it wants to launch two new US sports. Among these, we immediately think of the NBA. What could be better than US basketball to complete the offer already present on soccer?

Sorare NBA: a perfect marriage

Fans of the fantasy soccer game Sorare have been able to measure how exciting (or even obsessive) it can be to get into the adventure. Building your team, following the players you’ve lined up, seeing their price increase week after week… All this makes the game experience unique!

Added to that, the “card collection” aspect that delights some players. These cards have undergone a graphic redesign that makes them very pleasant to look at.

For the basketball version of Sorare, a similar scenario is expected. The teams are composed of 5 players, so it fits perfectly with the basketball rules. You will just have to choose your 5 major players in order to score as many points as possible and win rewards!

Sorare Basketball: the NBA as a spearhead

To extend the game to basketball, the NBA is obviously the best solution. Americans are big basketball fans and it would be a shame to miss out on such a large community. Especially since we know that the NBA is not only followed by the inhabitants of the United States! Many French and other Europeans are more familiar with NBA teams than with Pro A teams or other leagues.

If the NBA is successful, there is nothing to stop Sorare from approaching European leagues in order to expand its offer. We should not forget that some of Sorare’s fans like to collect cards. So we have to allow them to acquire their favorite player!

As you can see, the NBA is Sorare’s new bet, and we can’t wait to create our major 5!