Sorare XP and season bonus: Everything you need to know


Like any game with a long term vision, Sorare has developed a system of experience points, XP, that players can use. These XP points are accumulated over time, and therefore reward assiduous managers.

However, the experience of the cards is not calculated on a linear model, quite the contrary. On this page we will see what XP is used for, how it is calculated and what are the particularities around Sorare XP.

What is the purpose of XP on Sorare?

Experience has two main purposes:

  • Getting more points in GWs: the XP bonus is added to your player’s score. If you play the Sorare leagues, you will realize that some positions in the ranking are sometimes decided by a few points. So it is always better to have a player at 10% than at 2%!
  • Resell your players more easily and/or more expensive: Sorare buy/sellers will have more chances to sell their players if they have more experience than others, especially in Limited. Moreover, for top players, it can allow you to sell them for a much higher price than others since managers are willing to pay the price for an experienced top player.

How is the XP calculated on Sorare?

As we said in the introduction, Sorare XP is not easy to understand.

It is important to note that the final bonus of a player will depend on two characteristics, which are the season bonus and the map XP bonus.

The season bonus

The season bonus is a temporary bonus given to the newest cards released by the game. For each new season of a league, Sorare releases the cards of the new year if of course a partnership is active between the league and the game.

Thus, the new cards receive an immediate 5% XP bonus until the next year’s cards are released. On the other hand, cards from previous years lose their temporary 5% bonus.

The XP bonus

The XP bonus will depend on a formula, which we detail below:

XP formula : (base xp + number of minutes played by the team + player score)

  • base xp = 75
  • number of minutes played by the team = (75 * average number of minutes played by the team) / 90
  • player’s score = team score * 0,125

In summary, your player will always start with a base score of 75. Then, this score can be increased depending on the average number of minutes played by the lined up team, and the player’s score.

If you line up a DNP team in training, each player will take 75 points after the GW. If you line up 4 players who have games + 1 DNP, this DNP will get a higher score thanks to the number of minutes played by the others.

Logarithmic evolution of XP on Sorare

To gain experience levels on Sorare, the evolution is not linear. Each card level corresponds to a number of experience points to accumulate.

Going from level 0 to 10 is much faster than going from level 10 to 20. So we talk about a logarithmic evolution of the XP.

The table below summarizes the evolution of levels:


To reach level 10, your card will have to accumulate 3900 points. To go from level 10 to level 20, it will have to accumulate 20600 points.

Sorare estimates that it takes one year to reach level 10, and two more years to reach level 20. In reality, if your players are lined up regularly and perform relatively well, this time will be significantly reduced.

Different XP cap and level bonus for different scarcities

Limited & Rare cards

For these two scarcities, the cards start at level 0 and have a maximum level of 20 (and therefore a level bonus that can go from 0% to 10%)

Super Rare Cards

The cards start at level 40 with a maximum level of 60 (a level bonus of 20% to 30%). These cards can also be used in rare leagues, which gives their holders an advantage.

Unique Cards

The cards start at level 80 with a maximum level of 100 (a level bonus of 40% to 50%).

What happens to the XP of a Sorare card when a player resells it

A point that is often misunderstood by beginners is the transfer of XP when selling a player on the secondary market. When you decide to sell a player, the accumulated Xp on the card is divided by two. The level is then also reduced.

Here is a table that summarizes this:


So, if you sell a level 10 card, the new owner will receive the level 7 card. If you sell a level 20 card, the card will be received with a level 15.

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