Sorare MLB (Major League Baseball)


At the beginning of 2022, the co-manager of Sorare, Nicolas Julia, talked about the future launch of two new US sports. If many people thought directly of the NBA Sorare, few had spontaneously thought of baseball. And yet, it is indeed the MLB that will integrate Sorare soon. Find out more about it.

Imminent launch of MLB on Sorare

While the soccer part of Sorare is now well known, there is still little information about the MLB part. What we do know is that this new sport will arrive in the summer of 2022. Indeed, the agreements with the MLB and the MLB Player Association have already been negotiated.

In a few months, we should know more about how this new sport will be introduced and how it will work. It may not have been the most anticipated sport, but it is a great step forward for the company as it continues its rapid growth.

What are the objectives of Sorare MLB?

We can see two goals in adding this new sport to Sorare:

  • To increase the number of players on Sorare by targeting an American audience that is familiar with the baseball universe
  • To diversify the sports offer on Sorare and to encourage the players already registered to invest in cards of another sport
    Strengthen the French company’s presence in the United States

In any case, we can’t wait to see what the gameplay of this new Sorare MLB will be like! And who knows, the NBA announcement could follow in the next weeks or months… Stay tuned!