Focus on the Underdog League


What is the Underdog League?

The Underdog League highlights players with low stats. Therefore, only the lowest performing players are allowed to participate.

When Sorare first introduced this league, participation was based on the L5 rating of the players, whereas now everything is based on the L15 rating (average of the last 15 games).

What are the requirements for the Underdog League?

As indicated in the previous paragraph, we will focus on the L15 grade of the players to know if they can be aligned.

Here are the rules to respect to align a team:

  • Line up 5 players whose score is lower than 40 for even-numbered Game Weeks
  • Line up 5 players whose nonte is lower than 50 for the odd GW

What are the rewards of the Underdog League Limited?

Let’s take a look at the rewards that will be distributed during this League:

  • 500 Limited cards for the even numbered GW
  • 100 Limited cards for the odd GW

The rewards are less interesting than for the Specialist League. Especially since it won’t be easy to find a good goalie with an L15 below 40.

You can also find a list of the different Sorare leagues.