Sorare Scoring Matrix Update


The Sorare team has once again listened to its community. Managers were sometimes complaining about the inconsistencies of players’ scores on Sorare (goalkeepers scoring unrepresentative of reality, defensive midfielders and fullbacks undervalued, etc.).

As a result, they chose to update their scoring with these comments in mind.


  • A better distribution of the scores between the players’ positions
  • Correct the defects of some positions or the few abusive advantages.

All this without massively changing the current scores of the players. Sorare indicates that 95% of the players will only have a change of +- 2 points following this updapte.

As for the date, it will be effective from the GW300, that is to say August 26. This is to allow managers to adapt to this change.


Goalkeeper Scoring


  • The goalkeepers hardly reached scores higher than 80
  • They were not penalized when they conceded goals (except for the 3rd goal where the decisive score fell to 15)
  • They were not rewarded when they succeeded in passing, and penalized when they missed

What will change:

  • Goalkeepers’ actions will be better rewarded (e.g., saving a shot in the box, punches, successful high claims)
  • Each goal conceded will lower the goalkeepers’ score by 3 points
  • A successful pass will be worth 0.1 points, a failed pass -0.5 points

Here are more details:


Defenders' Scoring


  • Some defenders score too many points by making simple passes
  • The conceded goals do not have enough impact on the defenders’ scoring
  • Ball losses are too strongly penalized
  • Fullbacks score less points than center backs

What will change:

  • Attempted assists will increase from 2 to 3 points
  • Conceded goals will decrease the score from 3 to 4 points
  • Each successful pass goes from 0.1 point to 0.08 points and successful passes in the last third of the field go from 0.5 to 0.4 points
  • A ball loss goes from -1 point to -0.6 points

Midfielders and strikers scoring


  • The defensive actions of the midfielders are not rewarded enough, which disadvantages the defensive midfielders compared to the offensive midfielders
  • Wingers make less decisive actions than strikers, which disadvantages wingers

What will change:

  • Each interception will be worth 3 points instead of 2
  • Each duel will be worth 0,5 to 0,8 points

Soraredata's option to simulate new scores

Soraredata has implemented a new feature to display players’ scores taking into account the new scoring matrix.

To do this, you only need to click on one button, as shown in the following example:


As announced by Sorare, the impact on the scores is often small.

Conclusions on the new Sorare scoring matrix

To conclude, here is a summary of the effects this scoring update should have:

  • Bigger differences in scoring between goalkeepers
  • Less penalized fullbacks
  • Better performing defensive midfielders
  • Better rewarded wingers

From a personal point of view, I think it’s a good news because the Sorare scoring will be closer to the real performances of the players.

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