Sorare Calendar GW 297-300


Let’s see what’s new in this Sorare calendar dedicated to the GW 297-300.

What's new in the Sorare 297-300 calendar

  • A Limited league where it will be possible to win signed jerseys of players! Since 300 is a round number, Sorare wanted to mark the occasion in this way. 30 players will be rewarded. To participate, it will be necessary to align players of 30 years or more whose L15 is lower than 50
  • Test of an Underdog Unique and Specialist Unique
  • During the big Game Weeks, an additional rare Star card will be added to the U23 SR awards
  • It will be possible to play the Underdog and Specialist Rare and Super Rare competitions on odd-numbered GWs. In addition, the number of rewards for these leagues will increase

As a reminder, GW #300 marks the beginning of the use of the new Sorare Scoring Matrix.