Sorare Calendar GW 301-304


What's new in the Sorare calendar for Game Weeks 301-304

Many new things are coming with this announcement of the GW 301-304 calendar. Due to the increase in the number of players, the rewards were harder to reach and the Sorare Team wanted to remedy this. Let’s take a look at the improvements made.

20% more rewards in Limited competitions

To compensate for the increase in the number of players, Sorare has planned to increase the number of rewards by 20%. These will be added mainly to the even-numbered GWs, i.e. those that take place on weekends. The leagues that will benefit from this will be Champion Europe, Challenger Europe and All-Star.

Regional Specialist leagues

A Specialist Champion Europe and a Specialist Challenger Europe will be introduced. They will allow to play respectively players of Champion Europe and Challenger Europe.

The test of an Underdog -45

The Underdog -45 aims to make the Underdog lineups more complex. Until now, the Underdog league required players with an L15 of 50 or less.

The rules for the -45 are the same, except that the maximum L15 score is 45. Note that the two leagues will run concurrently.

The introduction of second division teams

For the moment, players from second division teams do not have their own league. They must be aligned in one of the following leagues:

  • All Star
  • U23
  • Underdog
  • Specialist