Sorare calendar 289 – 292 : what you should know


What's new in the Sorare calendar for GW 289 to 292

This new calendar brings some very interesting news:

  • Merger between the Underdog and Special Threekly leagues: from now on, the 5 players will have to have a L15 lower than 50, and one of the 5 cards will be able to be of a different scarcity than the others (it is thus possible to play with a common guard). It will get a score of 0 points.
  • A Star Rare card offered to the winners of the Super Rare Asia and America divisions, in addition to the usual T1 SR card, for GW 290 and 292.
  • A Star Rare added to the Underdog SR and Unique league awards for GW 290 and 292

Find the breakdown of the prizes on the Sorare blog.