Sorare Calendar GW 308-310


Feedback on the Sorare Calendar for Game Weeks 308-310

On the agenda, an increase of the rewards on some leagues as well as a more frequent update of the Tiers distributed in rewards. Very good news for Sorare managers.

An increase in rewards

As the number of players has increased on Sorare, it was getting harder and harder to get rewards. Team Sorare has reacted and will offer more rewards for the Specialist, Underdog and All-Star leagues.

Improved distribution of Tiers

The Sorare manager community had expressed several times that some rewards did not correspond to the Tier they were given to.

For example, a player who was highly rated a month ago and then de-rated in the meantime kept his position in Tier 0 or Tier 1 despite the fact that his value was much lower than before.

Sorare has announced that the Tiers will be updated more frequently starting with GW 309 to avoid such inconsistencies.

Two competitions to win Bundesliga or La Liga tickets

In GW 310, it will be possible to participate in competitions to win tickets for La Liga and Bundesliga soccer matches.

You can find all the details in the Sorare blog post.