Sorare Calendar GW 311-314


Sorare calendar: News for GWs 311 to 314

Find out what’s new in Game Weeks #311-314.

Creation of the "Second Division" league

Some time ago, Sorare entered into partnerships with the second divisions of several countries. Until then, players from these divisions could only compete in general leagues.

Now they have their own league! Please note that players from the English Championship can no longer be entered in the Challenger division.

Creation of the "Kickoff Limited" league

The Sorare Team had recently announced an “Academy” league to help new players get started on Sorare with their Common cards.

The only drawback was that once the Academy missions were completed, players could no longer participate in the league.

This Kickoff Limited is a transition from free to paid play, allowing players to use both Common and Limited cards.

Here are the rules of this new league:

  • 4 Common cards maximum
  • 1-2 Limited cards required
  • All players on the team must have an L15 score below 55
  • Limited cards get a 20% bonus
  • The team captain must be chosen from the Limited cards

For more details on the GW schedules and new features, see the Sorare blog post.